• Honey based

    children herbal

    cough syrup

  • How to Get Rid of

    A Safe and

    Effective Natural Cure!

    Cough With

  • Effective on joint


    Due to Arthritis

  • Specially designed

    Diabetes in adults


  • The Best Cure

    Shrinking And Getting Rid Of Piles!


  • An Effective And

    Recommended Remedy



  • The Most Effective

    and enduring

    Acidity Treatment and Cure!

  • How to Get Rid

    Constipation With

    A Safe and Effective Natural Cure!


  • Urinary tract

    infection and other

    kindly related problem

  • Dengue Fever


    its related problems

  • Calcium


  • Chikungunya, fever

    joint pains

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Our Latest Products



Helps in erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation

It is pure herbal formulation. Boost up sexual power & vitality Improves strength & Immunity.



Antiviral activity against hepatitis B virus remove HBsAg antigen

ARDOLIV  is a Two-Ingredients product mostly used in Hepatitis- B, Jaundice and all other liver diseases.


CP-REX Tablet

Useful in Chemotherapy induced Thrombocytopenia

Act as Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by
acting on body mechanisms.


Ardorhitis Liniment

Specially designed for joint pains due to Arthritis.

The Ardorhitis Liniment is specially designed for treating joint pains due to arthritis.


Nephradent Tablet

Kindly stone Removal & Urinary tract infection

Kindly stone Removal Urinary tract infection and Other kidney diseases


C-REX Tablet

Chikungunya, fever, joint pains

It helps in preventing premature aging, boosting immunity.


Ardorex Tablet

Dengue Fever and its related problems

Papaya Leaf have strong medicinal property of strengthening immunity.


Ardocal Tablet

Calcium supplement

Lakshadi guggul is an ayurvedic herbal formulation, which is .


Preetcoff Syrup

Honey based children herbal cough syrup

The Preetcoff is specially designed and the best cough syrup for children’s age 1 to 12yrs.


Ardorhitis Tablet

Effective on joint pains due to arthritis.

Ardorhitis tablet is prepared using ingredients which are effective on joint pains due to arthritis.


Ardobetes Tablet

Specially designed for Diabetes in adults

The Ardobetes tablets are specially designed for Diabetes in adults.

About Ardent

Providing one of the best Ayurvedic Products for diseases like Piles, Cough, Arthritis, Diabetes, Acidity, Constipation and Indignation…etc

A – Attention to Detail

We at Ardent Pharmaceuticals ensure that we carefully review the ingredients that go into the making of our range of Herbal products so that we can give the best results to the users of our medicines.

R – Responsibility

Concern for the Society and the people living in it is a Responsibility of a good organization. We truly believe that we are here to take the responsibility of changing the lives of people by providing the best products for them at affordable prices.

D – Diversity

We at Ardent come from different backgrounds and different regions of India. This diversity is our Strength as we ensure that we get multiple views on a particular customer pain point which helps us to come out with a complete solution top the pain points.

E – Excellence

Striving for excellence is not doing different things its just doing things differently. We as an organization seek excellence as an outcome in all our activities and Hence, Excellence has become a way of life for us.

N – Nobility

Nobility and Ethics are the values which we are proud to follow as an Organization. Just offering products and services are not importance but doing that with nobility and ethically is what makes us different in the industry.

T – Teamwork

We believes in absolute teamwork. We support and encourage the participation of employees at all levels to give any kind of feedback related to product development and also encourage our employees to come up with new product ideas which can help us to solve a genuine customer pain point.

Doctors Feedback on our Products

Experienced doctors who are prescribing our products

I was very sceptical about the products when Ardent Pharmaceuticals approached me initially as they were a new company. But once they gave me the samples to try on patients and see the results for myself, I was actually amazed seeing the results. Firstly the medicines are Ayurvedic and hence, there is no question of side effects.

Dr Harulal B


The quality of the medicines is what made me prescribe Rectoheal and Amlocid to my patients. I first gave the samples of the medicines and tested it on my patients and then when I was satisfied with the result I went ahead and started prescribing these 2 medicines regularly. The results of Amlocid and Rectoheal are very too good

Dr Jagtap A P

I have been prescribing Medicines of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India for 2 years now. Not once has a patient Come back to me and said that the medicine had not worked. I think this is the biggest compliment. Wishing Ardent Pharmaceuticals India all the very best

Dr Shadab Tamboli

I Prescribe the cough Syrups of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India to my patients especially PreeCoff. The honey based cough Syrups is getting very good results against cough for children and because it is honey based the children like the taste of the cough syrup as well and hence do not miss the dose. Wishing all the success to Ardent Pharmaceuticals India

Dr Benzir Tamboli

The quality of the medicines and content present in it is what made me prescribe Preetcoff Syrup and Ardokoff Syrup to my patients. Firstly, gave the samples of the medicines and tested it on my patients and then when I was satisfied with the result I went ahead and started prescribing these 2 medicines regularly. The results of Preetcoff and Ardokoffare very too good and children  love to take as it is honey based.

Dr Shubhangi K. Thakur

Firstly I would like to say that it is an honour for me to give feedback about the products of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India. I have been prescribing all their products from over 1 years now and I have never seen a Patient come back to me with complaints. I started off prescribing Rectoheal Tablet to my patients and got a remarkable feedback from them regarding the Piles that had decreased in them.

Dr D. Gangadhar
Adilabad (T S)

I am currently prescribing both the cough Syrups of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India. Both Ardokoff and Preetcoff are result oriented and is giving relief to my patients.  The Cough Syrups are also cost effective and hence People here in the village of Lasalgaon are also able to afford it.

Dr Arun S. Kale

I am prescribing the cough syrups of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India, I was amazed seeing the results of both Ardokoff and Preetcoff Syrup.  All my patients are very happy with the results they are getting and this is very satisfying to me as a Doctor. I wish Ardent Pharmaceuticals India all the best.

Dr Ramchandra P. Babar

What Our Patients Say About Our Products

I have seen a miracle with treatment of Ardent Pharmaceuticals Rectoheal Tablet.I want to share my experience below.
My Dad suffered with ‘Piles’ from last 18 years. We have taken number of opinions and treatment for it. The only option left for us is go for a surgery to ensure the issue does not deteriorate further.My dad’s age and complete recovery for this issue were holding me back from going for a surgery. Before giving a commitment for surgery, I checked the internet for options to fix this issue without surgery. I found Ardent Pharmaceutical;sRectoheal tablet. My father took 15 days dose of Rectohealtablet for piles and He ended up feeling better. The bleeding and piles pain was less andafter taking it for 2 months we had him checked and his piles was stable and he does not have pain now. It is a recovery of more than 90% without operation or steroids. It is a miracle indeed. Thank God for Ardent Pharmaceuticals India.

Vijay Sopan Ghotekar
Niphad, Nashik

I am suffering for Arthritis since 10 years. I could see results which were temporary and was also worried about the side effects with Allopathic medicines. But after taking Ardorhitis Tabletwith dedication and proper diet, I am feeling much better with a lot relief from the pain. Overall I have recovered at least 70% from what I was before taking Ardorhitis.

Bhima Shring
Niphad, Nashik

I am aged about 68 years, aroundthe last week of September 2016, I lifted a water vessel and after 10 days from that the pain started in the lower portion of my knees. I visited my allopathic physician who after examination informed me the pain is due to muscle disorder advised me to use pain killers. After taking pain killers there is was no result.One of my friend’s told me about Ardorhitis Tabletof Ardent Pharmaceutics India and immediately started taking this medicine for few days. Earlier I was not even able to walk on my own and need the help of a Walker to move about. After taking Ardorhitis I have found comparable improvement week after week. Now I have started walking a little without the help of a walker and the joint pain has also reduced a lot. I am very thankful to Ardothitis. It is a wonderful medicine.

Sulochana K Patil
Ozar, Nashik

I was suffering from dry cough from last 20 days as I tried all types of cough syrup but there was no any proper effect then while surfing on net I found AyurvedicArdokoff Syrup of Ardent Pharmaceuticals India. I inquired about product and got it from market. I started taking Ardokoff 3 times a day and the dry cough got cured within 3 to 4 days.Ardokoff is a very nice product for Cough and I highly recommend it.

Sanchul Mittal
Pune, Maharashtra

My daughter was suffering from very bad cough from about 3 to 4 days we had tried many paediatric cough syrups but my daughter dint get relief and I couldn’t see her struggling with cough. When I was discussing this problem with a friend of mine she advised me to take PreetCoff Syrup of Ardent pharmaceuticals Indian as she used to give PreetCoff for her son as well and found it to be very good. After giving PreetCoff to my daughter she started feeling relaxed and as the cough syrup is honey based she loved the taste of it and took the dosage without any problem. Within a couple of days the Cough was gone and I am now recommending PreetCoff to all my family and friends as well.

Pranjal Ausekar
Pune, Maharashtra

I was suffering from Constipation. I went to a nearby pharmacy I asked for any good medicine for constipation to get relief from this. The pharmacist suggested me to try ConstowinChurnaas it had given relief to his customers before as well and also the fact that it had no any side effects. I wasnot sure at first but still trusting the pharmacist I tookConstowin with warm water as directed and then was Ecstatic to see the result Constowin. Excellent Product and highly recommended

Rahul Varma
Pune, Maharashtra

I was suffering from constipation from past few years and I had tried all types of medicines. The medicines used to give me sudden relief but not the effect was temporary. I was suggested to try ConstowinChurnaof Ardent Pharmaceuticals India by my relative and Hence, I started using it. This product has given me the best result so far and I really liking thismedicine now.

Dinesh Kumar Taware
Pune, Maharashtra

I have always been having constant Cold and Cough and have been very much troubled by this. Got to know about Ardokoff while I was surfing the internet and ordered it just to give it a try. Started using Ardokoff regularly and have been very satisfied with the result. Well done Ardent Pharmaceuticals India for coming up with a product like Ardokoff

Manmeet Singh
Ratalam, Madhya Pradesh

I am Jyoti and my daughter was suffering from severe dry cough. When I visited the doctor for consultation the doctor gave me PreetCoff Syrupof Ardent Pharmaceuticals India. My daughter loved it and took completedosage of the syrup. This product is very good and as a parent I am very happy with it

Miss Jyoti
Adilabad, Telangana

I was suffering from piles from last 2 years. I had tried all the medicines but there was no improvement and the pain was unbearable. I was introduced toRectoheal Tablet of Ardent   Pharmaceuticals from my dad’s friend who himself was a piles patient and got good relief by using Rectoheal. I have been using this ever since and finally I have found a medicine which gives me relief from piles.

M. Rangana
Adilabad, Telangana

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