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C-REX Tablet


It helps in preventing premature aging, boosting immunity. Amla also helps in strengthening the body along with enhancing body’s defense mechanism. This powdered herbal formulation has anti-inflammatory properties, acts as a diuretic and is very rich in Vitamin C.


It is a famous Ayurvedic herb, used extensively in treatment for fever, diabetes, urinary tract disorders, anemia, jaundice,  asthma, cardiac disorders, etc.

Yograj Guggul:

YograjGuggulu is a traditional formula designed to reduce excess vata in the system. It is particularly useful for accumulated vata in the joints and muscles, which may be indicated by cracking or popping of the joints, tics, spasms or tremors.

Nyctanthesarbortristis : It has anti-inflammatory activity in the leaves

It has anti-inflammatory activity in the leaves and  is widely used as a decoction in the Ayurvedic system of medicine for treatment of sciatica and arthritis.

Panchtiktagrut guggul: It is widely used as medicine and also in

It is widely used as medicine and also in preparatory procedure called snehakarma for the treatment of deep seated ulcers and abscess, sinus, asthma, rhinitis, cough and cold, cardiac diseases and gout. It is useful in cooling the inflamed part of the body, mostly due to aggrevated pitta.

Maharasnadi Kashayam(Kwath):

It is an herbal formulation. It cures Vata disorders like arthritis, infertility, filaria, locked jaw, sperm disorders, gout, hernia, knee pain. This medicine pacifies VataDosha.

Tulsi Leaf Churna (Powder):

TulsiChurna is indicated in High Fever, enlarged liver, respiratory diseases and Cough / Cold problems. It is a good anti-fever pure herbal medicine.


Chikungunya, fever, joint pains and other problems due to chikungunya.


2 tabs twice a day or as directed by the physician.